31 January 2011

What's a Boy to Do?

when it comes to personal style, i'm hoping to one day come close to the casual cool of steve mcqueen.

unfortunately, it's damn near impossible for a fella with a modest clothing budget, stockier frame and an extreme distaste for many of the styles popular for an under-40 man to pull that off these days.

here's why...

29 January 2011

Strange & Indy 3

i like taking photos of strange and/or funny things...

yarmulke in its natural habitat - the starbucks parking lot

28 January 2011

Flashback Friday!

i got a little distracted last week, so this week's version is a mega large 10 pack

20 January 2011

Thoughts on Life, Death & Internet Friendship

most of this i wrote 4 years ago today when i found out my friend sean had died. it's been updated a bit...

What Are You Wearing?

jeeebus, i really slacked off with this...

i guess i shouldn't be surprised but i need to keep this going if i want to make any headway. i'll probably post a couple more of these today to show what i wore on saturday, sunday & monday.

here's the outfit du jour

05 January 2011

Q: What's Better Than Chick-Fil-A?


despite the religious fundamentalism espoused by the founders, i am a huge fan of chick-fil-a. last june they introduced a spicy chicken sandwich that is the BOMB! next week they are rolling out a breakfast version on a biscuit as a regular menu item. this week - if you registered ahead of time on their website - they are giving the sandwich away to customers for free! i gots mine today and it was damn tasty!

What Are You Wearing?

i didn't bother posting one of these yesterday since i didn't leave the house until i went to work.

comfort and functionality are the main things i consider when getting dressed most days because:

1. i work in the middle of the night and spend a lot of time sitting down
2. as much as i like to get dressed up, i really don't need to "dress to impress" since i work with a bunch of guys and i'm a fan of the ladies.
3. i'm lazy

03 January 2011

Stealing An Idea

one of my co-workers has a blog of her own where she documents what she wears everyday and how much it cost to pull off the ensemble. i thought it was a great idea and i'm thinking i'm gonna steal it from her. i kinda need to do some updating of my wardrobe anyway, ditch some of the things i don't really wear anymore and maybe wean myself from wearing my usual uniform of band t-shirt, jeans, hoodie and vans sneakers.

Tasty Delicious

i'm not a food critic - don't have any desire to be one, either. on the other hand, i do like to try new things as long as it isn't any of the disgusting looking seafood they used to use on the original japanese version of iron chef

since i got the email reminder that i get my free, chick-fil-a spicy chicken breakfast sammich on wednesday morning, i was reminded of the different restaurant concoctions i tried this year...

Meets or Exceeds Qualifications