30 November 2010

My 10 Favorite Christmas Movies

these are my favorites. you can disagree all you want, but i will never like 'it's a wonderful life' and i find many of the other classics to be a little too schmaltzy...

So I Got That Going For Me, Which Is Nice...

(reposting from a 9/8/09 facebook note)

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27 November 2010

21 November 2010

HP 7.1, A Review of Sorts

went and saw 'deathly hallows, part 1' on friday...

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not bad...not bad. there might be spoilers, so proceed with caution!

19 November 2010

Help a Brotha Out

(reposting from a 9/16/09 facebook note)

i mean, do you really want me to die young????

p.s. the last part DOES NOT apply - i just had to include that quote :)

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What Ima Do With This Shizz Here

i was never really sure i wanted to start a blog but myspace is dead (even though i still have a page), i'm totally anti-twitter and multiple facebook notes/status updates get to be obnoxious. So ima spout all my musings about music, movies, sports, relationship crap (or lack thereof) and what little i know about fashion here.

hopefully people will read this. if not, whatever. at least i'll be able to air my recommendations, quips, quotes, grievances and general musings somewhere fun.

i think i might do a harry potter 7.1 review later on since ima go see it in about 2 hours...

p.s. emma watson got mega-foxy!

 photo TM & © 2010 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Flashback Friday!

first ever blog version of flashback friday and it's a cover songs edition

 hit the jump at 88mph and you're gonna see some serious shit!