12 August 2011

Flashback Friday!

I've been a slacker lately and I'm gonna be a slacker again this week because it is my birthday and I don't feel like being productive!

22 July 2011

Flashback Friday!

was feeling kinda lazy and took a couple weeks off. this week is about songs that are less famous than their cover versions.

18 June 2011

Flashback Friday!

week 3 of favorite albums month - protect ya neck!


12 June 2011


congratulations are due to my beautiful cousin Nadia and her awesome new husband Brian who were married on 6/11/11!

21 May 2011

R.I.P. "Macho Man" Randy Savage

one of my all-time favorite pro wrestlers died on friday after a car accident that resulted from what's believed to be a heart attack.

growing up as a wrestling fan in the 80s, most kids were "hulkamaniacs". i always loved the "macho man". maybe it is because i knew that he was born and raised in my hometown of columbus, oh. maybe it was because he had the foxy miss elizabeth as his valet. i even entered a contest through pizza hut to try and win a trip to wrestlemania v so i could see him beat up his ex-friend hulk hogan, live and in person. i didn't win the trip but i did win a wrestlemania v t-shirt and wore it with pride even though he didn't beat the huckster hulkster.

so long, "macho man". you were one of a kind.

06 May 2011

Flashback Friday!

the month of may is going to be devoted to those fabulous swedes!

first up: the cardigans

29 April 2011

27 March 2011

Big Time!

i have my first celebrity twitter follower

you might remember him from his sweet late '90s gig

26 March 2011


last tuesday night, a couple of buddies and i went and saw the film Paul...

Flashback Friday!

good tunes & sexy wimmins - 2 great tastes that go great together

art © liz adams

21 March 2011

So...it isn't true?

you mean there aren't lingerie pillow fights followed by hot, lesbian action going on in all the dorms across the country?

thanks CDC/National Survey on Family Growth for ruining it for everyone :(

18 March 2011

Flashback Friday!

kinda forgot about it this week, so i'm gonna redo (this time in blog form) one of my better offerings... the bishop hartley high school class of '95: fifteen year reunion edition "redux" - songs released between august '94 through june '95

04 March 2011

Flashback Friday!

things have changed down on the 'street' these days...

and a bonus video before you hit the jump ;)

06 February 2011

Seems I Wasn't Looking Hard Enough

after finding gilt groupe the other day, i stumble across another designer discounter website...

JackThreads is another members-only website selling designer clothing at discount prices. the selection is decidedly more hipster/casual than GILT's more upscale styles but it looks like they have some decent stuff.

sorry ladies, unlike GILT, JackThreads only carries men's clothing.

31 January 2011

What's a Boy to Do?

when it comes to personal style, i'm hoping to one day come close to the casual cool of steve mcqueen.

unfortunately, it's damn near impossible for a fella with a modest clothing budget, stockier frame and an extreme distaste for many of the styles popular for an under-40 man to pull that off these days.

here's why...

29 January 2011

Strange & Indy 3

i like taking photos of strange and/or funny things...

yarmulke in its natural habitat - the starbucks parking lot

28 January 2011

Flashback Friday!

i got a little distracted last week, so this week's version is a mega large 10 pack

20 January 2011

Thoughts on Life, Death & Internet Friendship

most of this i wrote 4 years ago today when i found out my friend sean had died. it's been updated a bit...

What Are You Wearing?

jeeebus, i really slacked off with this...

i guess i shouldn't be surprised but i need to keep this going if i want to make any headway. i'll probably post a couple more of these today to show what i wore on saturday, sunday & monday.

here's the outfit du jour

05 January 2011

Q: What's Better Than Chick-Fil-A?


despite the religious fundamentalism espoused by the founders, i am a huge fan of chick-fil-a. last june they introduced a spicy chicken sandwich that is the BOMB! next week they are rolling out a breakfast version on a biscuit as a regular menu item. this week - if you registered ahead of time on their website - they are giving the sandwich away to customers for free! i gots mine today and it was damn tasty!

What Are You Wearing?

i didn't bother posting one of these yesterday since i didn't leave the house until i went to work.

comfort and functionality are the main things i consider when getting dressed most days because:

1. i work in the middle of the night and spend a lot of time sitting down
2. as much as i like to get dressed up, i really don't need to "dress to impress" since i work with a bunch of guys and i'm a fan of the ladies.
3. i'm lazy

03 January 2011

Stealing An Idea

one of my co-workers has a blog of her own where she documents what she wears everyday and how much it cost to pull off the ensemble. i thought it was a great idea and i'm thinking i'm gonna steal it from her. i kinda need to do some updating of my wardrobe anyway, ditch some of the things i don't really wear anymore and maybe wean myself from wearing my usual uniform of band t-shirt, jeans, hoodie and vans sneakers.

Tasty Delicious

i'm not a food critic - don't have any desire to be one, either. on the other hand, i do like to try new things as long as it isn't any of the disgusting looking seafood they used to use on the original japanese version of iron chef

since i got the email reminder that i get my free, chick-fil-a spicy chicken breakfast sammich on wednesday morning, i was reminded of the different restaurant concoctions i tried this year...

Meets or Exceeds Qualifications