29 December 2010

how 'bout them spurs!

there are few things as satisfying as the lakers losing and kobe crying like the little bitch he is!

george hill is not impressed...spurs 97, lakers 82!

25 December 2010

24 December 2010

Flashback Friday!

a queen city quintet to wrap things up - a tasty five-way of cincinnati's finest!

fROMOHIO "vol. 4: citizens on patrol"

22 December 2010

Awesometown 5000

all i needed to know was that zooey deschanel is in the movie but after watching the trailer, i'm definitely seeing this the day it opens!

21 December 2010

I Win...Again

(reposting from a 7/9/09 facebook note)

geeks rule, jocks drool!


read it. live it. love it.

13 December 2010

10 December 2010

Flashback Friday!

yep, today is that day...

fROMOHIO 'vol. 2: electric boogaloo', hit that jump!

06 December 2010

There May Just Be Hope For Me Yet!

(partial repost from a 2/13/09 facebook note)

"i used to be prettier than i am, but i think i look better now."
- christopher walken


hit that jump!

04 December 2010

Strange & Indy 2

i like taking photos of strange and/or funny things...

who throws away a perfectly good thong?