24 February 2014


fuck! it's been over a year since i posted a damn thing to this blog...

i'm not 6+ feet tall

i'm not a douche bag


i have a real job

i'm smart

i have a great sense of humor

i am cultured

i have my own domicile

i have my own car

i pay my bills


i don't have kids or crazy ex-partner drama

question is...

why am i so toxic?


sooooo sick of the bullshit

sooooo done with the fucking games

bitches better recognize!

20 February 2013


so, it has been almost a year since i've posted anything...

i've been thinking a lot about the past year over the last 24 hours or so, mostly because something that had been truly special and awesome in my life kind of officially ended last night. it wasn't entirely unexpected but it still hurts like hell.

anyways...these 3 songs kinda sum up the progression of everything

06 March 2012

Coachella Countdown, Day 45 part 4

18 tasty bands have satisfied the thirst, only six more to go...



jeff mangum


bon iver


Coachella Countdown, Day 45 part 3

45 days to go!

12 down in the beer case of bands, 12 more to go




manchester orchestra

st. vincent

godspeed you! black emperor

Coachella Countdown, Day 45 part 2

six pack number 2

we were promised jetpacks

grace potter & the nocturnals

laura marling

the head & the heart


kaiser chiefs

Coachella Countdown, Day 45 part 1

45 down, 45 to go!

it seems i've missed around 24 days so here's part 1 of 4

a six-pack of who i want to see @ coachella

black lips

tUnE yArDs


keep shelly in athens


azealia banks

10 February 2012

Coachella Countdown, Day 21

just a quick one for yesterday/today...gotta get to work soon.

69 days away!


gary clark jr

09 February 2012

07 February 2012

Coachella Countdown, Day 18

72 days to go! today's band is...

we are augustines

i saw them last september at austin city limits and they were pretty awesome. i kinda had a feeling they would since 2/3 of the band was in another band i really liked called Pela.

here's a couple of WAA songs and one of my favorite Pela songs.

06 February 2012